Our Cakes 

All our cakes are made freshly on site by our team of professional Portuguese bakers.  All the prices are for takeaway only 

Pastel de Nata  £1.95

Portuguese Custard Tart. A traditional Portuguese recipe made with puff pastry and an egg-based custard filling. 

Bolo de Arroz    £1.75

A mederia cake topped with sugar, a firm favourite at Pastelaria Portuguesa

Walnut Muffin    £1.75

A tasty walnut muffin topped with walnuts 

Chocolate Tiffin £1.75

Honey and biscuit chocolate base covered in Chocolate

Chocolate Muffin £1.75

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Chocolate Chip £1.75

Light chocolate chip muffin 

Xadrais           £2.25

Vanilla and Chocolate sponge 

Chocolate Cake £2.25

For a piece of chocolate heaven, chocolate Swiss roll, filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate

Apple Tart        £2.25

Light puff pastry filled with custard and Cinnemon and baked red apples  

Gratinada        £2.25

A light vanilla Swiss roll  filled with custard and cinnamon. 

Delicias            £2.25

Puff pastry filled with custard and topped with mixed nuts 

Mil Folhas.        £2.25

Puff pastry filled with custard, topped with icing and chocolate 

Cinnamon Swirl  £1.95

Puff pastry filled with custard and cinnamon and rolled into a roll 

Russos.             £2.25

Very light puff pastry filled with Chantilly cream and topped with cinnamon 

Jesuita.          £2.25 

Layers light puff pastry, topped with meringue and almonds and custartd

Lemon Cake     £2.25

Our lovely lemon cake is a recent addition to the collection.  We serve it by the slice in the shop but you can order a whole cake

Walnut Cake     £2.25

A traditional light vanilla Portuguese sponge filled with custard and walnuts and topped with Chantilly cream and walnuts

Scones             £1.75

Fruit or plain scone with butter and jam. 

Celebration Cakes 

Our celebration cakes are priced at £20 per kilo.  

Birthday Cake

A traditional Portuguese birthday cake, a very light vanilla sponge covered in Chantilly cream

Valentine Cake

These lovely cakes are made to order.  Vanilla sponge, covered in Chantilly cream and chocolate.  Topped with strawberries and chocolate hearts 


We can make cakes for your special occasion 

Savoury Products

All our savoury products are made at the cafe and only with the finest ingredients.  All the pastry that we use is also made on the premises

Empadas         £2.50

Chicken and Chorizo pie 

Sausage Roll    £2.50

Homemade sausage roll

Christmas Cakes 

These cakes are only available in December and need to be ordered in advance.

Bolo Rei             £12

King Cake - 

Pae de lo            £15

A traditional Portuguese Cake, traditionally eaten at Christmas.

Fruit Slice            £15

Fresh fruit in a light puff pastry base 

Mince Pie          £1.75

Homemade mince pies, made with a light puff pastry and filled with mince meat, sprinkled with icing sugar

Christmas Cake £20

Vanilla log covered in custard and covered with chocolate